Photo: Si Crowther


Photo: Si Crowther


Photo:John Carter





Back home concentrating on the summer

Since I got back from Maui it has been full power working and fitness. I have sailed a fair bit too but it hasn’t been epic. I’m in a really good shape at the moment and am looking forward to get to the canaries soon to camp and practice some port tack before the upcoming world tour events over there!


Tweaked pushloop in Läjet. Photo: Christer Holm

Tonight is the premier of a swedish windsurfing movie called ”the seasons” and the celebration of my sponsor Surfers Varbergs 30th year in business! I am really looking forward to see the film and meet all the people at the party!

Keep ripping,


Maui pt. 5 – Sum up

So, then I was back home in Sweden after five intense weeks on the beautiful island of Maui.

It was a great trip and I can’t remember a season over there which was that windy. I sailed everyday except four…. I got to train hard and I feel that I have got better, especially at reading the waves and turn with more power and confidence. I am so close to land the goiter and wave 360 now! I landed a few but catapulted just after the landing, a bit annoying! Well, it feels like I will stick them soon and I can’t wait.


Mid 360 by 1 more photography!

The Simmer Style photoshoot was great and I feel I was a bit more in to it this time comparing to last year. I was in a better position for the water photographer etc which is really hard and needs a lot of practice!

Thanks to everyone for making this a great trip! Check out the latest episode in my podcast series from Maui bellow!


Maui pt. 4

Wow, what a trip it has been this far! The wind has been great the whole time but it has lacked a bit of waves until three days ago when a solid north-west swell hit the north-shore. The first day I sailed Hookipa all day and then did some final testing with the Simmer team in Kanaha during the evening. We have some sick boards coming in the next lineup! The day after Hookipa was on absolute fire. The first thing I saw when I drove in to the car park was a double mast high set rolling through. I got absolutely pumped and head out. I caught my first waves, did an air, landed it but somehow ended up on the rocks. Nothing major happened except som ding on the board that I had to take care of. So, I went home, fixed the dings and drove straight back to Hookipa and just as I parked the wind died. So annoying..

I was super bummed to missed the great day and had my fingers crossed for the next. And what a day it turned out to be…


One handed goiter. Photo: Jimmie Hepp

The waves where still there oven if it was a tiny bit smaller then the day before. I was solid on 4,7 and had so much fun! Got some good things on video as well so I’m stoked!

Keep ripping


11115599_816263288411337_4312144437982850025_n 22099_816262851744714_120738480064429482_n

Photos by Jimmie Hepp

Stoke overload

I’m super stoked at the moment!

Last week I found out that I was published in an Italian magazine called 4windsurf. It’s a double spread with an article about the two storms that hit Sweden this winter. Super stoked!



Yesterday I found out I was published on the segment ”magic moment” in Reb Bulls magazine – The Red bulletin! Mega stoked to be in that mag!! So nice to bee be the face of my sport in a magazine like that!


11124058_10155437704165319_1032898439_n copy

And not to forget I have and article in my sponsor Surfers magazine ”surfers news” about my year on the 2014 PWA tour. So if your in Sweden make sure you get a copy!

mac surfers

All the publicity I’ve had in mags lately is insane. Four mags in less then one year. Mega stoked!

Thanks everyone!


Maui pt. 3


Since my last post there has been a lot of sailing, testing gear, hanging out with nice people and the Simmer style photoshoot has started. There was a few days without wind but then I got to surf and do some other workouts to keep active.

Yesterday I got my hands of a new prototype I have been working on together with Ola Helenius, Simmer board designer. It’s a tweak on the Flywave shape and I got to test it right away at Hookipa. The board felt very nice and I think it will be amazing after I have tuned it in a bit with fin set up, mast foot position etc. I have also been testing the 2016 sails together with sail designer and owner Tomas Persson. We have, together with the team, been sorting out the last touches needed on the sails and they will come out great! So happy and thankful that I get to be involved in the R&D with these talented and nice people!

mac tomas

Me and Tomas working on the 2016 Simmer sails.

I have also lost the keys to my car two times in one week. Must be the massive testing days that have taken to much of my concentration, haha..


Squeeezing in to get a lift back home after I’ve lost my car keys at sea.. 

The wind keeps blowing here and today we’ll be busy with the photoshoot! What a season so far!



Maui pt. 2

The last few days on Maui has been like the first ones, windy and wavy! Been sailing in Hookipa but also had a jumping session at sprecks yesterday. Was good to get some jumps in and then I had a really nice evening at Hookipa. Got some of the best waves I ridden here. One wave hold up so good that I got three solid turns and a nice air to finish it of with, stoke!

I have been practicing the Goiter a bit as well and getting closer. Pretty much always lands inside the wave now but just need to pull the sail out of the white water…


Nice goiter shot by Fish Bowl Diaries! 

We have some Simmer prototype boards here as well that I’ve been testing. Super fun to test and feel the differences etc! Also been checking out the process of a new proto that I have been designing with Ola Helenius. It’s awesome to see how the board is made from scratch!


Checking out the making of the prototype designed by me and Ola.


Nice evening session at Hookipa. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries 

The forecast looks really good for the mid/end of the week so hopefully I’ll be able to test my new board!

Keep you posted,


Maui pt.1

So, I’m finally back on Maui. After a pretty long trip it was good to step out of the plane and breath the Maui air and hear the sounds of palm trees in the wind.

The trip couldn’t start better as there was wind and waves. I got a full day at Hookipa sailing and got in to the grove a bit.


Tweaked air at Hookipa. Photo: Jimme Hepp

Now I’m looking forward to the next days as the look windy. Will be nice to get some practice before the shoot start so I can deliver some sick shots!

Keep you guys posted!


Photos: Jimmie Hepp

11081368_803568603014139_2202554769261204188_n 1395155_803465883024411_7552679231070547456_n

Training for Maui and the upcoming season

After a really good winter it feels like the spring has arrived. It’s getting warmer but it is less windy as well. I have therefore concentrated a bit more on physical training to be in good shape for my training and shooting trip to Maui. I have spent a lot of time doing Muay Thai and gym. I feel in really good shape atm and lost a few kilos which is good for the upcoming season.


in the fight cave

I do really looking forward to go to Maui now and practice hard! I’m planning to do the event there in November so hopefully I’ll get a lot of good sailing in Hookipa.. It will also be awesome to do my second photoshoot for Simmer, I know the new gear looks amazing and can’t wait to try the 2016 stuff!

Keep you posted,


Pod #8 is online

The 8th episode in my podcast project is online!

Here’s a description from MacG Productions:

Markus decided to spend the winter in Sweden instead of traveling to warmer climates to practice for the upcoming season. What he didn’t know was that this winter would go to the history book for being super windy. 
Here’s the outcome of two filmed sessions during the storms ”Svea” and ”Egon”.

Enjoy /MacG Productions

I’m stoked about this episode and the new look on the intro!

Hope you like it,


Winter madness

After the Storm Svea we got hit by another storm called ”Egon”. This one brought some sick conditions at Läjet. It was so good that even my Simmer team captain Kai Katchadourian came over for a sesh. It was incredible to see him shred and enjoy my home spot!


Me and Simmer team captain Kai Katchadourian stoked after a sesh in Läjet! Photo: Emma Häggström

For me it was one of the best sessions this winter. I was in form and did some of the biggest jumps I’ve done!

008. Mac, delayed forward over Patrik Johansson

Stalled forward. Photo: Christer Holm

012. Different view,  same move

Photo: Christer Holm

After that I though it was over as a pattern of cold weather hit us but how wrong I was. The wind has kept on blowing and I have had some really good sessions,  one we had was in -1,5 degrees and snow but some Vikings where still out shredding!

Keep ripping,


014. Markus forward

Photo: Christer Holm


Photo: Christer Holm

038. Mac One foot backies

One footed backloop. Photo: Christer Holm

017. Mac goiterGoiter at home. Photo: Christer Holm


Photo: Mikael Linder


Done after a proper winter session! Photo: Mikael Linder