Photo: Si Crowther


Photo: Si Crowther


Photo:John Carter





Last days in Tenerife and summer sum up!

So after being on hold the first few days if the contest in El Medano we started the trials on the third day. I was on 5,3 and my 90 ltr board. I felt really good in the warm up and looked forward to my heat! I started off with a forward to get some safe scores in and then concentrated on the waves. I got one good first wave but then I got out of sync with the sets. I didn’t really get a good 2nd wave and after a while I started to look for a better ramp to improve my jump but it didn’t really happen. I lost my heat and got knocked out. I was really disappointed as my sailing feels really good but I just doesn’t seem to exel in my heats. Somehow I put to much pressure on myself and kind of sail safe instead of just going full power… Well, it’s a learning process and I’ll get there!

After the comp was finished there was a super session in Siam Park (a water land in Tenerife) and I got a spot in there! I was totally stoked and had so much fun during the session in the pool! It was pretty hard to tow in and jump the wave but I really enjoyed it and it’s an experience I’ll remember forever, and it took some of the disappointment from not going through the trials in both GC and Medano away!


Goiter in Siam Park –  Photo: Jose Pina.

Now I am back in Sweden to work and train before the next stops on the tour which is four weeks ahead. I am super happy with this summer! I have been able to stay 7 weeks in the canaries and have improved my port tack sailing a lot! I have starting to get the double and wave 360’s in together with getting more high and consistency in my other moves. And have innovated a new move, the Viking loop! So I guess you can say I’m stoked about this summer!

Thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for all your support! I am truly grateful and you are all amazing!

The last two days I have been on a mission to Bornholm, a Danish island south if Sweden, but will give you a report of that in another post.


On hold in Tenerife

The first few days on the PWA event in tenerife has been on the edge! I have been sailing everyday but there is just a little to small waves to start the competition. I’m really focused and feel good in my freesailing, so hopefully we get to sail the qualifiers soon! I’m in the third heat and you can follow it live on pwaworldtour.com. There might be something coming in on Friday/Saturday, fingers crossed!

Keep you posted,



Opening ceremony in El Medano – Photo: Windusurf Tenerife/Jochen

TF15_ls_Markus_RydbergChecking the conditions – Photo . John Carter / PWA 

A week at home and then Tenerife.

So after the comp I had a few more days of sailing in Pozo. I really enjoyed it and had a few sessions on my 3,4 even, super windy!

899173_10152928396832001_1892081016_oOn the last day I landed/invented a new move, The Viking loop. I had practiced it a bit after realizing it could be a new move after crashing a tweaked push loop. We got it on film and it’s online on my FB page and instagram. I’m super stoked to have invented a new move! feels like it’s just the really big names who does this things so I’m proud and happy!

After that I went back home to Sweden for a week. Was nice to meet my family again and I scored some really fun windsurfing. It was good to get a starboard tack session in and gain some confidence after five weeks of grinding on Gran Canaria!


Photo: David Holmqvist


Photo : Davis Holmqvist

Now I’m back on the islands and this time it’s Tenerife. I have had two days of sailing and am starting to get into he conditions here. On Monday the event starts and I’m looking forward to to my best!

Keep you posted,


Pozo pt. 6

So, after the last update I took part in the PWA wave event here in Pozo. I was super motivated and had a good feeling before the event as training had gone so good and I was well prepared!

Unfortunately I didn’t go through the trial heat I was in and I’m really disappointed with my performance during the heat. I had a 3,4 rigged and ready at the beach as it was super windy but decided to go with 3,7. I was ok powered up for two minutes but the wind went out of control. I could’t really bottom turn properly so got pretty bad scores in the waves, plus I didn’t get my second jump in. Such a shame because I have been landing everything with super high consistency lately. Well, I guess my nerves isn’t the best and that is something I have to work on! So basically I didn’t come up to my standards, chose the wrong sail and sailed a bad heat!

Now I just have to learn from this and keep on fighting, because I won’t give up! Even though it didn’t go my way on this event, I’m still stoked to be competing with the best windsurfers in the world and the level is so high all the way from the top guys all the way down to the trials!

Thanks to all my sponsors, family and friers for your support! You are amazing!



Photo: John Carter

Pozo pt.5

Well, Pozo has been absolutely on fire the last days. I have been super powered up on 3,7 and could easily been on 3,4 sometimes! I have been pushing hard on the jumps these days. I have concentrated on the double forward as I feel really confident in my other jumps like back loop and stalled forwards. The wind seems to go down a little bit the next coming days so I’m looking forward to practice the wave riding a bit more. Have nailed a couple of more 360s so it feels good but need to get more hacks and practice the bottom turn a little bit more to get good drive into the cutback. The PWA event starts in 6 days so there is a bit more time to get into it all and get in tune. I’m really looking forward to do the trials and will do my best to make it through!

Keep you posted!

Mac dubbel

Double training, getting closer

mac stalled

Stalled forwardbackside

Backside hit

Pozo pt. 4

So, Pozo beast haven’t really been awaken yet but we have got some okay sessions the last days. I finally landed a 360 in the wave here in Pozo after just sliding off the back on most of them lately. Super happy with that and hopefully I can get it a bit more consistent now as this week seems to be pumping!

Other then sailing I have kept on working out off the water as well to be as fit as possible. Then I can sail more concentrated and not being worried to get injured etc..

Looking forward to some windy days and will keep you posted,


11659512_1032296273455123_1467870895269592240_nArched one handed back loop | by José Pina

Pozo pt. 3

So, Pozo is a bit slow atm. It turned out as the first days were the best ones this far. It has been wind so I have been on the water but there is pretty much no waves at all.. It’s a bit frustrating but I’m staying motivated and focused and am training on my table top forwards atm. They are coming together good and it feels nice to start having them in the bag as it’s a good move to have when the conditions are on the edge. It seems like the forecast is better for the next days and I really hope we’ll get solid days so I can train hard..

Keep you posted,



360 from the first day

Pozo pt.2

After a few good days on the water in the beginning of the trip the waves are almost gone. There is a bit of wind so I’m practicing the shaka so I later on can do the backside 360. Super hard move and I feel like a total beginner when trying it, haha! Have got a few good tips and I feel some progression but really slow.. Though while there where waves I got a hang of the wave 360 so that one will hopefully fall in to place the next wavy days!


Framegrab from a backie the other day.

Yesterday was midsummer eve so we celebrated a bit with some traditional midsummer food!


Midsummer celebration with the boys!

It seems like there will be a few low days and then on Tuesday and onwards it will start pumping, fingers  crossed!

Keep you posted,


Pozo pt.1

After a good spring back home in Sweden with a lot of work and some solid sessions I’m now on Gran Canaria to practice and get ready for the upcoming events. I got here two days ago and yesterday was a full day on the water. Me, Ben Proffitt and Gustav Häggström started with video training straight away. Thats probably the best way to improve quickly and I got really close to land some moves in the second session after analyzing what I did wrong in the first session of the day!  Pozo is different to all places I’ve been and I am looking forward to train hard and improve!


Got gear? Plenty of stuff with me to GC.. 


Me and Ben going through some moves..

Keep you posted,


Back home concentrating on the summer

Since I got back from Maui it has been full power working and fitness. I have sailed a fair bit too but it hasn’t been epic. I’m in a really good shape at the moment and am looking forward to get to the canaries soon to camp and practice some port tack before the upcoming world tour events over there!


Tweaked pushloop in Läjet. Photo: Christer Holm

Tonight is the premier of a swedish windsurfing movie called ”the seasons” and the celebration of my sponsor Surfers Varbergs 30th year in business! I am really looking forward to see the film and meet all the people at the party!

Keep ripping,