Photo: Si Crowther


Photo: Si Crowther


Photo:John Carter






PWA Tenerife and summer sum up

So now I have been at home in Sweden for two weeks  already!

The second stop on the world up in Tenerife was a great experience. I made it to the qualifying final but didn’t manage to go through there. A bit bummed about that as I know I had a big chance of making it through! Well, win or learn.. No I know what I need to work on and how to prepare myself for these kind of situations!

All in all I have had a great summer. It was so important for me to be able to spend a lot of time in the water windsurfing and I feel that my level has gone up a lot comparing to before this trip. My port tack sailing is feeling so much better and I really look forward to this fall and the competitions in Denmark, Germany and France!

Big thanks to my sponsors for making this possible, my family and friends for their amazing support and everyone who made this summer so great! Check out the 15th episode of the Viking Diaries to see some Pozo action!


Gran Canaria pt. 11

We are getting closer to the second PWA wave event of the season and I am looking forward to it. I have been training really hard on the water the last two weeks and have been working on my push loops, doubles and wave riding. Me and my team mate Marc Paré have been sailing a bit in Ojos and Vargas which reminds a lot about Tenerife. And from what we have heard it’s packed with people sailing Cabezo so we probably did the right thing to stay here for training.


Tail throw in Vargas by Jose Pina
Two days I landed the best double I’ve ever done. Both rotations fully in the air and landed upright on the board. Unfortunately the sail got to powered up so it blew out of my hands but so close to have them dialed in now!

Keep you posted,

Gran Canaria pt. 10

So the week after the first PWA event of the year was the best one since I got to Gran Canaria in April.

A lot of wind and a lot of waves. Man, windsurfing in conditions like this is just so much fun!

I have been training hard and been concentrating on my tweaked push loops and have started to land them. Just need to work on my style a bit but getting closer to where I want them to be! Also been sailing a bit in Ojos (a spot not of Pozo) to get my wave riding in tune for the next event on Tenerife. Also land my first one footed backloop on this tack. So happy to see progression in my sailing and the time I spend here is paying off!

kanske nu

Snap at Ojos By Mikael Linder

mac tweaked

Tweaked Pushloop, filmed by Marc Paré

The forecast looks good for next weekend and I am looking forward to keep on pushing!

Keep you guys posted,


Gran Canaria pt. 9 – PWA Sum Up

So, now the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival is over. It was a great event with sick action from all the competitors!

I was in the qualifiers and pretty close to make it to the qualifying final. I was powered up on 3,7 during my heat and had some ok jumps. I got a pretty good stalled forward and an one handed backloop just in the end of the heat. Though I was struggling a bit to find good waves as it was pretty small. I got a wave with a backside hit, a frontside snap and some more backside milking. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as my opponent got slightly better waves..


Backloop. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries


One handed. Photo: Jose Pina

It sucks to not make it through but at the same time this competition was a huge step forward for me. I have been struggling so much with my mentality during the competitions before. In my heats I haven’t landed anything and been so nervous that I could barely jibe. Now I was focused and calm, landed my jumps and got some waves. Still need to work on that extra push and killer instinct in my heats but it’s coming! Also need to work on a certain move and will push to have it for the next event..


Getting the stuff ready. Photo: Mikael Linder

All and all a good start to the season and I am really looking forward to the next event!

Thanks for all the support from my family, sponsors, and friend, you are all amazing! And thanks to the PWA and the Moreno Twins for making this event happen!


Gran Canaria pt. 8 – PWA Day 1

So the PWA event here in Pozo has finally started. Yesterday I got registered and got all my sails and board ready for competition. I am in the third heat of the trials and it looks like we will be on on Wednesday.


Ready to go! Photo: Mikael Linder | In To Fire & Water

Im so happy to be a part of it all and to get the season started feels great. I have prepared myself as good as I could have and I’m looking forward to go out there and do my absolute best and perform!

Will keep you guys updated!


Gran Canaria pt. 7

One week left to the PWA event kicks of here in Pozo.
It hasn’t been great really but yesterday we had a classic Pozo day. Super windy and waves. I the beginning of the day I was on 4,2, then 4,0 and in the evening I rigged 3,4.. I am pretty much never sailing a sail that small but it is always fun to be on the smallest gear!

Sailing feels good atm. Going for doubles etc and it feels like I will stick them soon. My other moves feels good as well  and I have an overall positive vibe and feeling during my sessions!

I have also started to film a bit with a waterproof bag for my camera. Super fun and I really enjoy doing it so will definitely do more!

The 14th episode in The Viking Diares got online yesterday so make sure you check it out. It’s a windsurfing action bomb so sit tight!

Keep you guys posted,


Gran Canaria Pt. 6

I’m back on the water!!

It’s so good to be able to sail again! I have put in a lot of hours on the water practicing various moves. We haven’t had amazing conditions yet but at least wind enough to get out and sail!


Back on the water!

It is starting to get really crowded now as the world cup event over here is starting in a few weeks. It feels like it will be a great event as always and it feels amazing to be a part of it!

I am almost done with the new Viking Diaries episode but need some more action filmed. Sorry for the delay but my injury stopped the process a bit. But it feels like thin one will be a good one. I have had time to fine trim the clip and now it’s pretty much just action shots that needs to be put in to place! Will keep you guys posted!

PP cs5

The Viking Diaries ion the making


Practicing planning forward to hope fully stick the double better when we get bigger waves. Photo: Jose Pina


Gran Canaria pt. 5

Now I’m back on Gran Canaria efter a nice week at home in Sweden. I celebrated my girlfriend as she took her university graduation, and it was her birthday the same day so a big day to celebrate!


Celebrating Emma

It was amazing summer weather and I hade time to focus on rehabbing my shoulder and it feels like it’s almost back to 100% now! The forecast looks good for the weekend and I really hope I can sail without the shoulder holding me back. I’m so motivated and really want to go out and push on the water so fingers crossed!


Full focus on rehab! Photo: Mikael Linder @ In to Fire & Water

Will keep you guys posted!


Gran Canaria pt. 4

Since the last post I have been busy doing rehab and treatments for my shoulder injury. I trie to sail one day but it was to painful so I had to realize that I can’t windsurf until it’s properly healed. I went to a clinic in Vecindario together with Daida and they did an ultrasound check on the shoulder. The verdict is that I have a sprained shoulder. Good news as it probably won’t take to much time to get back!


Rehab. Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water

Not being able to sail meant I have had time to watch some of the best sailors in the world and get inspired. The level is so high and I’m super stoked to be a part of the wave world tour, windsurfing is awesome!

Mac foto Pozo 16 Maj-1

Victor seems to be on form. Definitely a championship contender! Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water
During the days off water between rehab and training I have also been able to concentrate on my filming and editing which I really enjoy. Some fun projects and the 14th episode of the Viking Diaries is in the making, so stay tuned for that!

Mac foto Pozo 16 Maj-5

Focused. Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water

Keep you updated,


Gran Canaria pt. 3

So after the wind patch we had here two weeks ago it has been pretty light. But I have had time to train and my parents came to visit which was really nice!

Unfortunately though I injured my shoulder during the warm up for a BJJ session this monday. I fell over and put all my weight on the shoulder and felt that something was wrong immediately. I was really sore in the evening and then the day after I went to Daida Moreno who’s not only a world class windsurfer, she is also a great physic therapist. Apparently there is some small damage to some tendons in the shoulder but with her treatments and rehab I probably can sail this weekend!

Markus Pozo

Getting fixed by Daida. Photo: Mikael Linder @ In To Fire & Water

Now Mikael Linder from In To Fire & Water is here for a week and hopefully we’ll get some good shots from the water, can’t wait!

Markus Pozo 12 maj

Photo: Mikael Linder @ In To Fire & Water

Keep you updated!