A week at home and then Tenerife.

So after the comp I had a few more days of sailing in Pozo. I really enjoyed it and had a few sessions on my 3,4 even, super windy!


899173_10152928396832001_1892081016_oOn the last day I landed/invented a new move, The Viking loop. I had practiced it a bit after realizing it could be a new move after crashing a tweaked push loop. We got it on film and it’s online on my FB page and instagram. I’m super stoked to have invented a new move! feels like it’s just the really big names who does this things so I’m proud and happy!

After that I went back home to Sweden for a week. Was nice to meet my family again and I scored some really fun windsurfing. It was good to get a starboard tack session in and gain some confidence after five weeks of grinding on Gran Canaria!



Photo: David Holmqvist



Photo : Davis Holmqvist

Now I’m back on the islands and this time it’s Tenerife. I have had two days of sailing and am starting to get into he conditions here. On Monday the event starts and I’m looking forward to to my best!


Keep you posted,


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