Inlägg av Markus Rydberg

PWA Sylt Sum Up

So, the PWA Sylt world cup is over for me. Unfortunately it was really light wind and overall tricky conditions. A bit annoying as I feel good on the water but when I get to sail my heats the conditions doesn’t really allow me to show what I really can do. Well, thats competition and […]

PWA Cold Hawaii sum up

So, the 2016 NetIP PWA Cold Hawaii world cup is over. It was a long week with a lot of waiting. On Friday we were close to get started but the waves didn’t really show up so they released us at 7 pm. I had a few warm up sessions and felt good on the […]

Net IP Cold Hawaii has started

So the 2016 Net IP Cold Hawaii world cup has started. Not much wind on the horizon the next coming days bur Sunday looks promising and the forecast is improving every day so fingers crossed that we will get some competing done! It’s great to see everyone here again and I really like this lifestyle […]

Getting ready for the next world tour stops

So home haven’t been as windy as i hoped i would be this time but I have still managed to get some sessions on the water. I have been working on my one footed and one-foot one-hand backloops, as well as keeping the other moves fresh! And when the non windy days I have been working […]

PWA Tenerife and summer sum up

So now I have been at home in Sweden for two weeks  already! The second stop on the world up in Tenerife was a great experience. I made it to the qualifying final but didn’t manage to go through there. A bit bummed about that as I know I had a big chance of making […]

Gran Canaria pt. 11

We are getting closer to the second PWA wave event of the season and I am looking forward to it. I have been training really hard on the water the last two weeks and have been working on my push loops, doubles and wave riding. Me and my team mate Marc Paré have been sailing a […]

Gran Canaria pt. 10

So the week after the first PWA event of the year was the best one since I got to Gran Canaria in April. A lot of wind and a lot of waves. Man, windsurfing in conditions like this is just so much fun! I have been training hard and been concentrating on my tweaked push […]

Gran Canaria pt. 9 – PWA Sum Up

So, now the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival is over. It was a great event with sick action from all the competitors! I was in the qualifiers and pretty close to make it to the qualifying final. I was powered up on 3,7 during my heat and had some ok jumps. I got a […]

Gran Canaria pt. 8 – PWA Day 1

So the PWA event here in Pozo has finally started. Yesterday I got registered and got all my sails and board ready for competition. I am in the third heat of the trials and it looks like we will be on on Wednesday. Ready to go! Photo: Mikael Linder | In To Fire & Water […]

Gran Canaria pt. 7

One week left to the PWA event kicks of here in Pozo. It hasn’t been great really but yesterday we had a classic Pozo day. Super windy and waves. I the beginning of the day I was on 4,2, then 4,0 and in the evening I rigged 3,4.. I am pretty much never sailing a […]