Inlägg av Markus Rydberg

Gran Canaria Pt. 6

I’m back on the water!! It’s so good to be able to sail again! I have put in a lot of hours on the water practicing various moves. We haven’t had amazing conditions yet but at least wind enough to get out and sail!   It is starting to get really crowded now as the […]

Gran Canaria pt. 5

Now I’m back on Gran Canaria efter a nice week at home in Sweden. I celebrated my girlfriend as she took her university graduation, and it was her birthday the same day so a big day to celebrate! Celebrating Emma   It was amazing summer weather and I hade time to focus on rehabbing my shoulder […]

Gran Canaria pt. 4

Since the last post I have been busy doing rehab and treatments for my shoulder injury. I trie to sail one day but it was to painful so I had to realize that I can’t windsurf until it’s properly healed. I went to a clinic in Vecindario together with Daida and they did an ultrasound […]

Gran Canaria pt. 3

So after the wind patch we had here two weeks ago it has been pretty light. But I have had time to train and my parents came to visit which was really nice! Unfortunately though I injured my shoulder during the warm up for a BJJ session this monday. I fell over and put all my weight […]

Gran Canaria pt. 2

So after not have been sailing for almost two weeks over here it has finally started to be windy. The last two days has offered some good wind but no waves. It seems like the wind will stay a solid south swell is hitting this afternoon and will stick around for a couple of days. […]

Gran Canaria pt.1

So, I have been on Gran Carnaria almost a week now. It hasn’t been windy so I have been surfing, working out and trained Muay Thai. Fun Muay Thai session with Dario and the rest of the Tatami 211 crew. Even if there is no wind I kind of like to be here. It’s really […]

Spring news

The competition season is getting closer and I have booked my first trip of the year. I’m heading to Gran Canaria early April to practice for the upcoming comps. I feel it’s the right thing to do as I lack a bit of consistency in my port tack moves and hopefully get some more moves […]


So the winter has been pretty lame lately, not much wind and cold weather. But we are slowly going towards spring! That has given me time to do other stuff though. I have been training a lot, released a new video with action from this winter, had a evening with a presentation for my sponsors […]