Getting ready for the next world tour stops

So home haven’t been as windy as i hoped i would be this time but I have still managed to get some sessions on the water. I have been working on my one footed and one-foot one-hand backloops, as well as keeping the other moves fresh! And when the non windy days I have been working hard on my fitness. Been focusing on  Muay Thai, SUP together with the Crosswater team and general fitness in the gym. Feels great to get in good shape for the upcoming comps!

Mac 29 Aug-3

One footed – One handed backloop. Photo: Mikael Linder


Training with Magnus from Crosswater. Photo: Mikael Linder

The next world tour stop in Denmark is just around the corner so now it’s time to get ready for that. I’m off the 16th of September and really hope we’ll get some wind to warm up over there during the weekend before the comp week starts!

Am also starting to film for the next TVD episode so stay tuned. We are aiming to have a new style and vibe in this episode so stay tuned!


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