Gran Canaria pt.1

So, I have been on Gran Carnaria almost a week now. It hasn’t been windy so I have been surfing, working out and trained Muay Thai.


Fun Muay Thai session with Dario and the rest of the Tatami 211 crew.

Even if there is no wind I kind of like to be here. It’s really quiet but after a couple of days you get used to it and it’s really nice to just be able to focus on training and getting ready for these windy days, which seems to be here next week.

Pozo streets

The empty streets of Pozo

As I said above it seems like we are in for some wind next week. Not to much but still good to get out there and sail and practice! I’m so motivated to train hard for this year and really happy to be able to spend some time down here!

Keep you posted,

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