Gran Canaria pt. 3

So after the wind patch we had here two weeks ago it has been pretty light. But I have had time to train and my parents came to visit which was really nice!

Unfortunately though I injured my shoulder during the warm up for a BJJ session this monday. I fell over and put all my weight on the shoulder and felt that something was wrong immediately. I was really sore in the evening and then the day after I went to Daida Moreno who’s not only a world class windsurfer, she is also a great physic therapist. Apparently there is some small damage to some tendons in the shoulder but with her treatments and rehab I probably can sail this weekend!

Markus Pozo

Getting fixed by Daida. Photo: Mikael Linder @ In To Fire & Water


Now Mikael Linder from In To Fire & Water is here for a week and hopefully we’ll get some good shots from the water, can’t wait!

Markus Pozo 12 maj

Photo: Mikael Linder @ In To Fire & Water


Keep you updated!

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