Gran Canaria pt. 4

Since the last post I have been busy doing rehab and treatments for my shoulder injury. I trie to sail one day but it was to painful so I had to realize that I can’t windsurf until it’s properly healed. I went to a clinic in Vecindario together with Daida and they did an ultrasound check on the shoulder. The verdict is that I have a sprained shoulder. Good news as it probably won’t take to much time to get back!


Rehab. Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water


Not being able to sail meant I have had time to watch some of the best sailors in the world and get inspired. The level is so high and I’m super stoked to be a part of the wave world tour, windsurfing is awesome!

Mac foto Pozo 16 Maj-1

Victor seems to be on form. Definitely a championship contender! Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water
During the days off water between rehab and training I have also been able to concentrate on my filming and editing which I really enjoy. Some fun projects and the 14th episode of the Viking Diaries is in the making, so stay tuned for that!


Mac foto Pozo 16 Maj-5

Focused. Photo: Mikael Linder / In To Fire & Water


Keep you updated,



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