Gran Canaria Pt. 6

I’m back on the water!!

It’s so good to be able to sail again! I have put in a lot of hours on the water practicing various moves. We haven’t had amazing conditions yet but at least wind enough to get out and sail!



Back on the water!

It is starting to get really crowded now as the world cup event over here is starting in a few weeks. It feels like it will be a great event as always and it feels amazing to be a part of it!

I am almost done with the new Viking Diaries episode but need some more action filmed. Sorry for the delay but my injury stopped the process a bit. But it feels like thin one will be a good one. I have had time to fine trim the clip and now it’s pretty much just action shots that needs to be put in to place! Will keep you guys posted!


PP cs5

The Viking Diaries ion the making


Practicing planning forward to hope fully stick the double better when we get bigger waves. Photo: Jose Pina



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