Gran Canaria pt. 7

One week left to the PWA event kicks of here in Pozo.
It hasn’t been great really but yesterday we had a classic Pozo day. Super windy and waves. I the beginning of the day I was on 4,2, then 4,0 and in the evening I rigged 3,4.. I am pretty much never sailing a sail that small but it is always fun to be on the smallest gear!

Sailing feels good atm. Going for doubles etc and it feels like I will stick them soon. My other moves feels good as well  and I have an overall positive vibe and feeling during my sessions!

I have also started to film a bit with a waterproof bag for my camera. Super fun and I really enjoy doing it so will definitely do more!

The 14th episode in The Viking Diares got online yesterday so make sure you check it out. It’s a windsurfing action bomb so sit tight!

Keep you guys posted,


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