Gran Canaria pt. 9 – PWA Sum Up

So, now the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival is over. It was a great event with sick action from all the competitors!

I was in the qualifiers and pretty close to make it to the qualifying final. I was powered up on 3,7 during my heat and had some ok jumps. I got a pretty good stalled forward and an one handed backloop just in the end of the heat. Though I was struggling a bit to find good waves as it was pretty small. I got a wave with a backside hit, a frontside snap and some more backside milking. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as my opponent got slightly better waves..



Backloop. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries



One handed. Photo: Jose Pina

It sucks to not make it through but at the same time this competition was a huge step forward for me. I have been struggling so much with my mentality during the competitions before. In my heats I haven’t landed anything and been so nervous that I could barely jibe. Now I was focused and calm, landed my jumps and got some waves. Still need to work on that extra push and killer instinct in my heats but it’s coming! Also need to work on a certain move and will push to have it for the next event..


Getting the stuff ready. Photo: Mikael Linder


All and all a good start to the season and I am really looking forward to the next event!

Thanks for all the support from my family, sponsors, and friend, you are all amazing! And thanks to the PWA and the Moreno Twins for making this event happen!



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