Gran Canaria pt. 10

So the week after the first PWA event of the year was the best one since I got to Gran Canaria in April.

A lot of wind and a lot of waves. Man, windsurfing in conditions like this is just so much fun!

I have been training hard and been concentrating on my tweaked push loops and have started to land them. Just need to work on my style a bit but getting closer to where I want them to be! Also been sailing a bit in Ojos (a spot not of Pozo) to get my wave riding in tune for the next event on Tenerife. Also land my first one footed backloop on this tack. So happy to see progression in my sailing and the time I spend here is paying off!

kanske nu

Snap at Ojos By Mikael Linder

mac tweaked

Tweaked Pushloop, filmed by Marc Paré

The forecast looks good for next weekend and I am looking forward to keep on pushing!


Keep you guys posted,


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