Kia Cold Hawaii world cup sum up

So, after a couple of days of waiting here in Klitmoller we finally started the comp on the fourth day.

I was in the second trial heat and sailed good. I got some really nice smacks in the pocket but it wasn’t enough and I lost very close to Pablito. But because of the second place I advanced to the trial finals.



Hitting the lip during the trials final. Photo: Jesper Holm


There I was against local Mads Björnaa and Gustav Häggström. I narrowly lost to Mads and with my second wave scoring 6,5 from two judges and 2,5 from one… Thats a bit weird in my eyes! Well, I’m not too bummed because I’m happy with how I sailed and kept calm during the heats.

The day after I scored some sick sailing in Hanstholm. Down the line and clean waves. Got some long and fun rides so that made it easier to have got knocked out early!

Now I’m looking forward to the next event in Sylt!

Will keep you posted,


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