Last days in Tenerife and summer sum up!

So after being on hold the first few days if the contest in El Medano we started the trials on the third day. I was on 5,3 and my 90 ltr board. I felt really good in the warm up and looked forward to my heat! I started off with a forward to get some safe scores in and then concentrated on the waves. I got one good first wave but then I got out of sync with the sets. I didn’t really get a good 2nd wave and after a while I started to look for a better ramp to improve my jump but it didn’t really happen. I lost my heat and got knocked out. I was really disappointed as my sailing feels really good but I just doesn’t seem to exel in my heats. Somehow I put to much pressure on myself and kind of sail safe instead of just going full power… Well, it’s a learning process and I’ll get there!

After the comp was finished there was a super session in Siam Park (a water land in Tenerife) and I got a spot in there! I was totally stoked and had so much fun during the session in the pool! It was pretty hard to tow in and jump the wave but I really enjoyed it and it’s an experience I’ll remember forever, and it took some of the disappointment from not going through the trials in both GC and Medano away!




Goiter in Siam Park –  Photo: Jose Pina.

Now I am back in Sweden to work and train before the next stops on the tour which is four weeks ahead. I am super happy with this summer! I have been able to stay 7 weeks in the canaries and have improved my port tack sailing a lot! I have starting to get the double and wave 360’s in together with getting more high and consistency in my other moves. And have innovated a new move, the Viking loop! So I guess you can say I’m stoked about this summer!

Thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for all your support! I am truly grateful and you are all amazing!

The last two days I have been on a mission to Bornholm, a Danish island south if Sweden, but will give you a report of that in another post.


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