Maui Pt.2

So, we got started on the first day. It was absolute carnage. Double mast high sets and maybe 10 knots of wind. The channel was closing out all the time. I watched the trial heats and the channel was open maybe once every 25th minute. I was in the first heat of the comp and it was still super light wind on the inside. I almost passed the channel but got taken out by a giant set and got punished down in lanes. Unfortunately I didn’t get out in time for my heat so lost that one. I was really bummed because I enjoy these big waves and wanted to show what I can do when it big like that. Well, no need to be bummed because I still had the double elimination. There I was against Victor Fernandez and Jaeger Stone who’s ranked 2nd and 3rd on the world ranking. I cached one good wave in the beginning but the the wind was too light for me to make it back up wind to get a solid 2nd wave. I actually was going through until the last minute and only lost with 1,3 points so I’m still stoked!


Now I have have some free time and free sailing during the lay days here. Looking forward to one more week of windsurfing and to get some good footage to my Viking Diaries!

Keep you posted,




Bottom turning at Hookipa during the double elimination. Photo JC | PWA

12191310_1633910816880936_2078209676484580096_o Mac Lanes 31 okt 2015-3

Lanes action. Two last photos: Mikael Linder

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