Photo: Si Crowther


Photo: Si Crowther


Photo:John Carter






Start of the winter and concussion


The winter has started great here in Sweden with good wind and waves. Unfortunately I suffered a concussion last time I sailed so has to stay off the water and recover for a while now. A bit frustrating as I felt good on the water but I’ll be back stronger!

Keep you posted!


Clip from my latest session, filmed by Mikael Linder

Maui Pt.2

So, we got started on the first day. It was absolute carnage. Double mast high sets and maybe 10 knots of wind. The channel was closing out all the time. I watched the trial heats and the channel was open maybe once every 25th minute. I was in the first heat of the comp and it was still super light wind on the inside. I almost passed the channel but got taken out by a giant set and got punished down in lanes. Unfortunately I didn’t get out in time for my heat so lost that one. I was really bummed because I enjoy these big waves and wanted to show what I can do when it big like that. Well, no need to be bummed because I still had the double elimination. There I was against Victor Fernandez and Jaeger Stone who’s ranked 2nd and 3rd on the world ranking. I cached one good wave in the beginning but the the wind was too light for me to make it back up wind to get a solid 2nd wave. I actually was going through until the last minute and only lost with 1,3 points so I’m still stoked!

Now I have have some free time and free sailing during the lay days here. Looking forward to one more week of windsurfing and to get some good footage to my Viking Diaries!

Keep you posted,



Bottom turning at Hookipa during the double elimination. Photo JC | PWA

12191310_1633910816880936_2078209676484580096_o Mac Lanes 31 okt 2015-3

Lanes action. Two last photos: Mikael Linder

Maui pt. 1

So, I have arrived on Maui for the final event on the PWA wave world tour!
It was a long trip but it went super smooth. Tomorrow it looks like there is some big swell and wind so we will probably start the comp!

Fingers crossed and I’ll do my absolute best!

Keep you posted!


12194320_10201062677846714_96361359_o 12185898_10201062676606683_855984620_o

Photo: Mikael Linder

PWA wold cup Sylt | Germany

Well, the event here on Sylt in Germany didn’t really get any wind. There was enough to do one slalom elimination but for the wave fleet and freestylers there was no action for the whole event. It’s a bit of a shame because it is such a huge event and so many spectators.

We had some action with tow in and SUP-races which was fun and entertaining for the crowds.

12049320_10153936926405166_4876234059372816888_n 12039236_10153936928705166_6290861966162549658_n

Fun time with the Jumbo SUP race. Phots: John Carter / PWA

Now I’m looking forward to get home and get time on the water to practice for the next event.

Kepp you posted,


Kia Cold Hawaii world cup sum up

So, after a couple of days of waiting here in Klitmoller we finally started the comp on the fourth day.

I was in the second trial heat and sailed good. I got some really nice smacks in the pocket but it wasn’t enough and I lost very close to Pablito. But because of the second place I advanced to the trial finals.


Hitting the lip during the trials final. Photo: Jesper Holm

There I was against local Mads Björnaa and Gustav Häggström. I narrowly lost to Mads and with my second wave scoring 6,5 from two judges and 2,5 from one… Thats a bit weird in my eyes! Well, I’m not too bummed because I’m happy with how I sailed and kept calm during the heats.

The day after I scored some sick sailing in Hanstholm. Down the line and clean waves. Got some long and fun rides so that made it easier to have got knocked out early!

Now I’m looking forward to the next event in Sylt!

Will keep you posted,


PWA Cold Hawaii day 1

Today the third stop of the PWA tour got started here in Klitmoller/Denmark. I am registered, rigged and ready to go. It looks like we might be on tomorrow, fingers crossed for some good conditions!

Keep you guys posted!


fin bild 2 stickers Fin bild 3 lyckraFin bild stickers

The Viking Diaries #10 – online

The latest episode in the Viking Diaries is online. I had a great summer even though I didn’t get the result I was hoping for during the two first PWA events. Check out the video with action from Sweden and Gran Canaria!


Last days in Tenerife and summer sum up!

So after being on hold the first few days if the contest in El Medano we started the trials on the third day. I was on 5,3 and my 90 ltr board. I felt really good in the warm up and looked forward to my heat! I started off with a forward to get some safe scores in and then concentrated on the waves. I got one good first wave but then I got out of sync with the sets. I didn’t really get a good 2nd wave and after a while I started to look for a better ramp to improve my jump but it didn’t really happen. I lost my heat and got knocked out. I was really disappointed as my sailing feels really good but I just doesn’t seem to exel in my heats. Somehow I put to much pressure on myself and kind of sail safe instead of just going full power… Well, it’s a learning process and I’ll get there!

After the comp was finished there was a super session in Siam Park (a water land in Tenerife) and I got a spot in there! I was totally stoked and had so much fun during the session in the pool! It was pretty hard to tow in and jump the wave but I really enjoyed it and it’s an experience I’ll remember forever, and it took some of the disappointment from not going through the trials in both GC and Medano away!


Goiter in Siam Park –  Photo: Jose Pina.

Now I am back in Sweden to work and train before the next stops on the tour which is four weeks ahead. I am super happy with this summer! I have been able to stay 7 weeks in the canaries and have improved my port tack sailing a lot! I have starting to get the double and wave 360’s in together with getting more high and consistency in my other moves. And have innovated a new move, the Viking loop! So I guess you can say I’m stoked about this summer!

Thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for all your support! I am truly grateful and you are all amazing!

The last two days I have been on a mission to Bornholm, a Danish island south if Sweden, but will give you a report of that in another post.


On hold in Tenerife

The first few days on the PWA event in tenerife has been on the edge! I have been sailing everyday but there is just a little to small waves to start the competition. I’m really focused and feel good in my freesailing, so hopefully we get to sail the qualifiers soon! I’m in the third heat and you can follow it live on There might be something coming in on Friday/Saturday, fingers crossed!

Keep you posted,



Opening ceremony in El Medano – Photo: Windusurf Tenerife/Jochen

TF15_ls_Markus_RydbergChecking the conditions – Photo . John Carter / PWA 

A week at home and then Tenerife.

So after the comp I had a few more days of sailing in Pozo. I really enjoyed it and had a few sessions on my 3,4 even, super windy!

899173_10152928396832001_1892081016_oOn the last day I landed/invented a new move, The Viking loop. I had practiced it a bit after realizing it could be a new move after crashing a tweaked push loop. We got it on film and it’s online on my FB page and instagram. I’m super stoked to have invented a new move! feels like it’s just the really big names who does this things so I’m proud and happy!

After that I went back home to Sweden for a week. Was nice to meet my family again and I scored some really fun windsurfing. It was good to get a starboard tack session in and gain some confidence after five weeks of grinding on Gran Canaria!


Photo: David Holmqvist


Photo : Davis Holmqvist

Now I’m back on the islands and this time it’s Tenerife. I have had two days of sailing and am starting to get into he conditions here. On Monday the event starts and I’m looking forward to to my best!

Keep you posted,