Photo: Si Crowther


Photo: Si Crowther


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Pod #7 online!

The latest episode in my podcast series is online! It’ about me driving to three PWA events and it’s called 7000 km.It’s action from Klitmøller only, both from the PWA event and from a session I had on my way back from France.



Away from the coast

Last weekend I went to Stockholm to visit my sister who’s living there, together with my girlfriend Emma. I had a good time meeting her friends etc! We also manage to stop by some relatives as well with was nice.

The day after we got back I scored a fun session at Läjet. I sailed without gloves but I think it was the last time I did that as the pain of getting your warmth back was extraordinary! Now it looks like the wind will be gone for a while and it will get colder, but I really hope it doesn’t get to cold and that the wind come back soon!

Keep rippin,


Here’s a edit I put together from Stockholm:

Off season

Atm there is not much wind back home in Sweden and it is getting colder. Then you have a lot of time to start thinking of your winter plans and setting up for next year, both mentally and physically. I have changed my way of training a little bit. I’m now taking Thai boxing classes to get more explosive and a bit lighter, I also enjoy the excitement of a contact sport as it reminds me of going for a big move on the water!

Soon the next episode in my podcast will be online. It’s from my fall doing three PWA events.

I will also put some time into getting some more sponsors so I can push even harder next year!

Take care,


Winter is coming

After my trip to France and getting back just in time to win the PS wave open I had a couple of sessions at home. The water was still really warm, to sail with a 5/3mm wetsuit and without boots in November is really rare and I really enjoyed it! But a few days ago the weather got colder so the last couple of sessions I have sailed with my winter suit and boots. Everything feels so different when you have that much rubber on and it takes time to adjust and get in to it.


Now I can’t wait for some proper winter storms to arrive!


Pictures by Christer Holm at

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Back home and finally victory…

I left La Torche a bit early as it looked like it would be a lot of wind in Scandinavia and I decided to take a de-tour to Klitmøller. I sailed there both Saturday evening and Sunday. I had really fun and it was nice to get a proper session after driving for so long! After spending the weekend in Denmark I jumped back in the car and drove home to make it in time for the PS Wave Open competition in Sweden.

So today we had the competition in Apelviken, Varberg. There wasn’t a lot of wind but it was enough for 5,0 to 5,3 and some small waves were rolling in. I sailed good and managed to go through my heats and in to the final, where I was up against my good friend Gustav. I was able to pull everything together, sailed my best heat of the day and secured the 1st place. I’m super happy to win this comp and it feels good to come out on top after a pretty bad and unlucky year (result wise) on the PWA world tour!

Big thanks to all my sponsors, family and friends for supporting me!

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Photos: Emma Häggström

Pwa La Torche day 4

Well, it wasn’t my best day ever yesterday. Didn’t make it through the trials as I lost with 0,5 points… I’m disappointed as I really wanted to get in to the main event this time. In my heat it was pretty much dead onshore and a lot of white water moving around, which made it hard to sail good. After the trials the conditions turned into starboardtack madness and it would have been fun to show what I’m able to do in these kinds of conditions. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.

After I got kicked out of the comp I sailed on the other side of the cliff for a few hours to get my confidence back.


Stalled forward of the other side of the cliff

Now this was y last event on the PWA tour this year as I’m not going to Maui. Good luck to everyone who’s going there to compete! I will write a sum up of the season in another post.

A big thanks to my family, friends and sponsors, you are all amazing and I’m forever grateful!








PWA La Torche update

Now I have been in La Torche for a couple of days. It was a long long drive, but the session I had Friday evening was worth it all. It was a long time since I sailed proper down the line port tack, so at the beginning I didn’t sail too good but got more and more in to it and in the end I got some nice waves! I really enjoy sailing this challenging conditions with big waves and side-off winds!

The PWA-event has started and at the moment we are on hold waiting for wind. It looks like tomorrow (Tuesday) is the best chance to get the comp started, fingers crossed!

I’m looking forward to do my absolute best here in France and thanks to everyone who’s supporting me!



Waiting for wind in La Torche


Nice waves in the south west of France, Photo: JC/PWA

PWA Sylt sum up

Well, my time on the island Sylt wasn’t too long. I arrived the day before the event and had a nice training session in the evening. Everything felt really good and I really looked forward to the next day!


After registration we were on. I was in the third trial heat and the wind was really light. I was on my biggest kit (5,6 Blacktip and 95 ltr Quantum). I took a really nice 1st wave and got good scores. Unfortunately I got stuck in the shore break and couldn’t get out in time to catch a 2nd wave. I was kicked out. Such a bummer as I felt really good on the waves and had a nice feeling after passing the trials in Klitmøller… Now I’m back home preparing and refocusing to the next event that is in La Torche, France that I hope will go more in my favor!

A huge thanks to my family, friends and sponsors for their support, I’m grateful!


SY14_ls_Registration SY14_ls_Sylt_registration

Photo: JC-PWA

Kia Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup Sum up

Well, this was an interesting week. As I didn’t go through the trials in neither of the first two events I was super motivated to do it this time.  I have always done good in Klitmøller and I hoped this year wouldn’t be an exception. The first day there was some wind but not much waves so we did a super session instead of the trials. Then the waiting game begun. After have been waiting for 5 days it was finally on during the last day. I was in trials heat 3 and the first two heats showed that it wasn’t easy conditions.

In my heat I manage to stay cool and get some good moves. I went through in to the main event and it was such a relief! Finally after trying and not making it everything came together and I did it.

In the main event I was up against Thomas Traversa. I’m super happy with my heat as I sailed better then I did in the trials. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough but Thomas was ripping and went on to win the whole event so I can’t complain!

Next up is Sylt. It feels so much easier going there now when I made it in Denmark and hopefully I can keep this trend!

Thanks to the organizers and the PWA for making the event happen. And to my sponsors, friends and Family for supporting me, I’m grateful!



Kia Cold Hawaii PWA pt.2

It has been really calm here in Cold Hawaii the last couple of days. The only day there was a chance for competition was wednesday. We had side-off winds and some head high waves occasionally came in. Even though there was no official competition I had a really fun day on the water!

It seems like there will be wind on Sunday, so I’ll guess we’ll have an early start that day…

Keep you posted,


10641163_866481936703225_3304101038377322911_nGoiter from the other day by Jose Pina