PWA Cold Hawaii sum up

So, the 2016 NetIP PWA Cold Hawaii world cup is over.

It was a long week with a lot of waiting. On Friday we were close to get started but the waves didn’t really show up so they released us at 7 pm. I had a few warm up sessions and felt good on the water with 5,6 and 95 liters. 14379822_1759529090985774_8420684953697147035_o

Fine tuning my gear

Yesterday the wind was a bit more south and some waves were rolling through. I went out on my 5,6 and 95 again. It was really light and the waves were really soft so it wasn’t easy to do proper turns. But the head judge thought it was good enough for competing so the qualification round got started. I was in the third heat. There I was struggling to find a good second wave and didn’t get the first spot. But made it to the Qualifying final so I had to recharge my mind and get going again.


Making the most of the small waves

There it got even lighter wind and smaller waves so I was struggling big time. Apparently everyone in the final did so they cancelled the heat. But 15 min later they started again. In that heat I was finding some good waves  in the beginning and felt positive. But, ten minutes in the heat they cancelled it again. Bummer as I had scored waves but fair for the other guys. Then we tried again but it wasn’t happening. After that we had a  45 min break. The wind picked up a little bit so they started our heat again. But out there I was so under powered and the waves was so small so I could hardly do anything, but they ran the whole heat anyway. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the main draw but I am happy that I made it to the Q-final, got to practice heats and to be able to be standby and ready mentally.
So over all a good event for me and I learned a lot!

Thanks to all my sponsors, family and friends for all your amazing support! I am truly grateful!




Photos: Mikael Linder | In To Fire & Water

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